IBA 50CC Gold

Not Superman Rally

NSR Art Deco

Registration opens January 1, 2016

IBA - 50CC Gold (aka The Hard Way) NYC to SFO

Coney Island, Brooklyn, New York

IBA 50CC Gold - Schedule

Ride/Registration Coordinator: Jim Puckett Email: j.c.puckett@gmail.com

Friday night host hotel: Hilton Garden Inn Edison/Raritan Center

Starting Location: Kings Neptune C-Store - 24-hour Mobile Gas Station

Starting banquet will be dinner at Harold's Deli Restaurant at 4 PM.
Harold's New York Deli is next door to the Hilton Garden Inn.
Bring a healthy appetite as the servings are enough to pack as lunches for the whole trip.

A suggested route to get from the hotel to the Gas Station is located by clicking here for a map.
Coney Island Map

A start witness will be available at Mobil Service Station, 1702 Neptune Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11224 on September 10, 2016 between 3:30 AM EDT and 4:15 AM.

No gasoline or other purchase or ATM computer generated start receipt or finish receipt will be required as per Ira Agins:

"We have a special set of rules for IBA approved organized motorcycle club rides of ten or more riders that reduces somewhat the paperwork. One element of the group rules is that a sign-in sheet at the start and at the end replaces the start and end receipts and individual start and end witness forms. We will have two IBA approved people not on the ride to monitor the sign-in sheet at the beginning and at the end of the ride to confirm rider identity, odometer reading and the time. Applying this variation would allow for the end of the ride to be at the Golden Gate Bridge / downtown San Francisco overlook at the north end of the Golden Gate Bridge."

Sand and Water collection will be at the end of the street past Nathan's Famous anytime on Friday. You can walk across the beach in the Heart of Coney Island with a view of the infamous Astroland Amusement Park.

Sand and Water collection in San Francisco will be at the west end of Golden Gate Park anytime before or after the 50CC Gold Finisher breakfast at the Seal Rock Inn which is just northeast of the Great Highway on the Pacific Ocean beach fronting the west end of Golden Gate Park.

Ride Schedule:

Starting banquet: Harold's New York Deli - Sept 9 4:00 PM EDT

IBA 50CC Gold Ride Starts - Sept 10 4:00 AM EDT
(2) IBA Witnesses available at: Mobil Service Station, 1702 Neptune Ave, Brooklyn, NY

IBA 50CC Gold Ride Ends - Sept 12 6:00 AM EDT (which is 3:00 AM PDT)
(50 Hours after Coney Island, Brooklin, NY IBA Wittness Start Sign-in)
(2) IBA Witnesses available ... see Ira Agins "special set of rules" above
Commemorative photos will be taken of you with the Golden Gate Bridge and downtown San Francisco in the background

Sept 12 8:00 AM PDT 50CC Gold Finisher breakfast:
Seal Rock Inn
545 Point Lobos Ave
San Francisco, CA